• bright
    /brīt/ adjective
    def 1: clever, intelligent, perceptive
    def 2: happy, cheerful
    used in a sentence:
    “Wow. What a bright dog!
    Where did you have her trained?”
A Bright Choice for a Bright Dog

Modern life is busy. That’s why Bright Dogs training services are designed for convenience and real-life results.

Whether your goals include simple manners at home or a wish to not be dragged down the street during walks, child and dog safety or an end to growling and barking at other dogs or strangers, Bright Dogs Modern Training & Behavior can help your dog shine her brightest.

Private Dog Training

  • In your home or wherever you need to see training results
  • Learn to train your dog, or simply let Jennifer train for you
  • Puppies, basic manners, and behavior issues
  • Specialty in reactive dogs—those who bark, lunge, or growl at dogs, people, or small animals

Choose a pre-set private training package or let Jennifer customize your training to your goals.


Group Classes

  • Puppy Class—open enrollment means help and relief right away
  • Basic Manners Class—open enrollment means no waiting for better manners
  • Happy Vet Visits Class—enjoy fear-free, stress-free vet visits
  • Tricky Powwow Class—build your dog’s confidence and focus while having a blast

Classes are a great way to make training progress—and a great time out with your dog, too.


A Modern Approach to Dog Training

We’re very fortunate to live with dogs at a time when science has given us modern, humane training techniques that are truly effective. We no longer have to coerce or punish our dogs to get the behavior we want—how nice is that? Good-bye choke chains and prong collars and electronic collars. Hello, bright dogs!


Meet Bright Dogs Trainer Jennifer Robak

Jennifer wants her clients and students to experience the best possible results from training. That means a dedication to the best possible training education. And that’s why she’s a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner.

With Jennifer’s expert guidance, we have seen our Samantha evolve into a well-behaved and happy member of our household. She is much calmer and quieter and very alert to her commands. Training session are a lot of fun, too! It is gratifying to see our dog enjoy herself while she’s learning good manners. –Joanne Sadar
A note from Jennifer: Great work, Joanne! It was so fun training with and for you and watching Samantha find her inner bright dog!
I was really surprised how much fun I had with training, and Tucker's manners are are SO much better. –Rosalee Smith
Ready for a bright dog?
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Professional private dog training and dog training classes in Lake County, Ohio, including Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, Madison, Perry, Concord, Leroy, and surrounding areas.


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