Group Class Benefits
  • Small class size for personalized attention
  • Positive teaching and training techniques for fun, stress-free results
  • A focus on training for the real world, not the classroom
  • Convenient scheduling for busy dog lovers
  • Experienced, highly credentialed, friendly instructor

Puppy Love

Open Enrollment:$125 for 6 weeks

Raising a puppy is no easy thing: Potty training, little needle teeth, broken sleep, keeping up with all that energy. It’s a good thing they’re so adorable! We’ll tackle house training, biting and chewing, basic obedience commands, and socialization. Our goal? Easier puppy raising now and a great adult dog later.

For pups less than 16 weeks old. Proof of vaccinations required.


Basic Manners

New Saturday session begins Nov. 12, 2016$125 for 6 weeks

Ready for a dog who responds when you ask her to do something? A dog who comes when called? A dog who walks nicely on leash? In short, ready to bring out the bright in your dog? Your dog will learn all the basics and you’ll learn some tricks to keep your training strong throughout your dog’s life.

Great for new dogs and dogs who could use a manners brush up. Young and old welcome!


Tricky Powwow

Sessions starting Nov. 16, 2016 and Jan. 7, 2017 $125 for 6 weeks

Tricks training is fun. But there are practical benefits, too. Tricks training builds confidence and focus. It provides mental and physical exercise that are perfect for battling busy schedules and inclement weather. With all these reasons to turn your dog into a rock star, how can you resist?

Basic Manners Class is a prerequisite. Young and old welcome!


Happy Vet Visits

Starting Soon:$90 for 4 weeks

If your dog puts the breaks on in the vet clinic parking lot and hides under your chair once you drag her in, this class will make you both feel a lot better about visiting the veterinarian. Learn how to build a positive association to clinic visits through a fun series of exercises designed to mimic typical exam experiences. Join the Fear Free Vet Visits movement!

Sign up now to make your next vet visit easier on you and your dog!


Meet Bright Dogs Trainer Jennifer Robak

Jennifer wants her clients and students to experience the best possible results from training. That means a dedication to the best possible training education. And that’s why she’s a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner.

With Jennifer’s expert guidance, we have seen our Samantha evolve into a well-behaved and happy member of our household. She is much calmer and quieter and very alert to her commands. Training session are a lot of fun, too! It is gratifying to see our dog enjoy herself while she’s learning good manners. –Joanne Sadar
A note from Jennifer: Great work, Joanne! It was so fun training with and for you and watching Samantha find her inner bright dog!
I was really surprised how much fun I had with training, and Tucker's manners are are SO much better. –Rosalee Smith
Ready for a bright dog?
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