Customized Private Training

Initial consult fee: $120

Private training: $85 per session pay-as-you-go or $80 per session for pre-paid packages

Great for: Basic manners, hyper or rude behavior like barking and jumping, dog and child issues, and dogs who bark/growl/lunge/snap at people, other dogs, or small animals.

  • Begin with a 90-minute initial consult in your home.
  • Jennifer designs a training package and plan specific to your goals and the realities of your busy life.
  • Meet with Jennifer once a week for support in implementing your plan, or have her train your dog for you.
  • Enjoy your bright dog!

Private Training Packages

Initial consult fee: $120

All training packages begin with an initial consult to evaluate and understand your needs.

    At Your Initial Consult:
  • Learn why your dog is doing what he’s doing—or not doing what you wish he would.
  • Enjoy a tip or two to start making change right away.
  • Get your training package planned and personalized.

Life Skills for Shy Dogs

2 one-hour lessons:$160

If your dog is a bit fearful or uncertain around strangers or novel objects or situations, this training package will boost her confidence for a happier, more relaxed dog. Learn simple exercises to help your dog handle new things with grace and cheer. (More severely fearful dogs will require a customized training package.)

Happy Vet Visits

2 one-hour lessons:$160

Does your dog put the breaks on in the vet clinic parking lot and hide under your chair once you drag her in? This package will make you both feel a lot better about visiting the veterinarian. Learn how to build a positive association to clinic visits through a fun series of exercises designed to mimic typical exam experiences. Join the Fear Free Vet Visits movement!

Life Skills for Growly Dogs

5 one-hour lessons:$400

For the dog who lunges, growls, or barks at people, dogs, or small animals during walks. Take your walks from stressful to enjoyable: We’ll learn loose leash walking skills, impulse control exercises, and helpful behaviors like “watch me” to keep your dog focused on you in hot situations. And we’ll practice “what if” situations so you’re ready to take your new show on the real-life road.

Walk With Me

2 one-hour lessons:$140

Tired of your dog pulling like a freight train locomotive on leash? If your dog walks are leaving you with chiropractor bills and a heap of frustration, it’s time to get you back on the control end of the leash. Learn the basics of loose leash walking and then practice in increasingly distracting situations—your dog will soon be happily following your lead (small pun intended).

Rescue Me

3 one-hour lessons:$240

For owners with a newly adopted dog (within the last 90 days), this package is designed to set you up for long-term success with your new best friend. We'll cover house training, teaching household rules, and preventing the emergence of behavior problems. We'll get you off on the right paw with basic obedience foundations, too.

Manners Tune-Up

2 one-hour lessons:$160

Feel like your dog knows the house rules but just isn't listening? This package is for you. We'll tune up your dog's basic manners and obedience skills, get him listening attentively to you, and show you a few tricks to keep him adhering to house rules for the long haul.

Meet Bright Dogs Trainer Jennifer Robak

Jennifer wants her clients and students to experience the best possible results from training. That means a dedication to the best possible training education. And that’s why she’s a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner.

With Jennifer’s expert guidance, we have seen our Samantha evolve into a well-behaved and happy member of our household. She is much calmer and quieter and very alert to her commands. Training session are a lot of fun, too! It is gratifying to see our dog enjoy herself while she’s learning good manners. –Joanne Sadar
A note from Jennifer: Great work, Joanne! It was so fun training with and for you and watching Samantha find her inner bright dog!
I was really surprised how much fun I had with training, and Tucker's manners are are SO much better. –Rosalee Smith
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